Which program is right for you?

A lot of people who come across the official site of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide, Philippines get confuse as to which program to get and I will be narrating here how to evaluate which among the two programs offered is most suited for you.

weddings beautiful philippines

The certified wedding specialist course is most recommended to those who have zero knowledge about weddings as all the basic and essential information are indicated in the 18 assignment module in order to earn the title “Certified Wedding Specialist”. On the other hand, the apprentice program is most suited for practicing wedding planners and those who are currently enrolled or just finished the 18 assignment module as it gives practical application and lectures on weddings in a Philippine setting and hands-on training by the President of Weddings Beautiful Philippines division, Berlyn Salvador-Yap. Being in the apprentice program for three years will also earn you the title “Certified Wedding Planner”.


There is no such limit as to having to choose only one title as having both title would be prestigious and make your self more authoritative as both programs go hand in hand and both titles are acknowledged internationally.

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